Why we get fat and how to get slim

Why we get fat and how to get slim

Calories in and calories out. Eat less and exercise more is the conventional wisdom.
But scientists are proving this fact to be over simplify
People eat a lot, get fat
People get fat, eat a lot
They are very different.
The first suggest gluttony, greedy and lack of self control. Getting fat is the effect/ outcome of eating a lot.
The latter suggest that, eating a lot is the effect/outcome of you getting fat.
“People get fat, eat a lot” It took me a while to understand this concept as it challenges conventional
wisdom of nutrition and what I used to believe in entirely.
Getting fat means your body wants to store fat; your body wants to put on weight. It signals you to eat
Eat EAT.
What are the symptoms? You have uncontrollable hunger all the time and you don’t feel full or satisfied
Plus If you find yourselves putting on weight easily or extremely difficult to lose weight, carefully consider the
fact that your body wants to get fat.
Unfortunately, we can’t change our genes but there is one solution that can help us lose weight and keep
ourselves as slim as our body can.
Make a choice

Avoid Fattening Carbohydrates
1. Bread and everything made with flour
2. Cereal
3. Potatoes
4. Food containing much Sugar
5. All sweets
Relax, if you read my previous articles, you know I’m not a starving diet fan.
Eat as much as you want
1. Meat, fish, poultry
2. All green vegetables
3. Eggs
4. Cheese
5. Fruits except bananas and grapes
Source: Published a team of 7 prominent British physicians led by Raymond Greene, famous British
So now you know the answer. Give it a try, even for just 3 days to experience the changes yourselves.

Good Luck!

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