No more dieting

Break the dieting cycle
Law of Thermodynamics
The first law of Thermodynamics makes experts believe that is how we get
fat. It is also know as the law of energy conservation.
If I eat more than I burnt, I gain weight.
To be fatter and heavier, I need to over eat.
So the smart scientists, says
To be slimmer and lighter, I need to eat less
Our common sense knows that it isn’t true. When we diet or semi starve
ourselves, we become weak, lethargic, cranky and depressed. We become
less active. We also experience increase in hunger so that once diet stop,
we will eat more than we normally would until we regain the lost weight and
more. That’s why is it called crash diet
So the smart scientists, also says
To be slimmer and lighter, I need to exercise more
When we exercise to burn more calories, we feel hungrier and become less
active after the exercise because we are tired. Also half the time, we will
feel that exercising justify eating more.
If eating less and exercising more is such a simple advise, that suggest
people whom are put on weight as greedy and lazy. This advise is
misleading and oversimplified.
Here are the 3 tips to
Hunger leads to weight loss failure. So eat! Check out our 8 hour diet where
you can eat and lose weight

Take our supplements. They have triple fat busting effects.
You eat, you feel full and you burns more calories
3X more and faster fat burning
· 3X more sugar blocking
· 3X more appetite control
Drink water! Our body can confused itself between thirsty and hunger.
Drink a glass of lukewarm water first and wait 15-30 mins whenever you
feel hungry before grabbing a bite

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