How to choose Slimming supplements

Read this before you buy slimming supplements

Often I have customers asking for opinions on which brand of slimming
supplements are good. There are too many brands in the market and they are
confused by the choices they have. I have a few pointers for you before you get
started with your 2013 resolution of a better body.
In case you have the false sense of security that supplements sold in retail giants
such as Guardian, Watsons and Unity are safer, don’t.
“Currently, health supplements are not subjected to premarket approvals and
licensing for their importation, manufacture and sales in Singapore. The onus of
responsibility for the safety and quality of health supplements rests with the
dealers (importers, manufacturers, wholesale dealers) and sellers. They must
ensure that their products comply with the safety and quality requirements
quoted from HSA Health Supplements Guidelines 2012
Promoters are there to promote so do not simply buy into their sales pitch. I was
once taught by a Sales Manager to just keep talking to the customer. If you can’t
convince them, confused them into buying.
Oh and celebrity endorsement means nothing more than generating publicity and
it is a huge expense for any company. As a result, the company has to mark up
the product price and consumers end up subsidising the company A&P budget by
paying more for the pricey products.
I have to point out though, that some supplements are worth the high price
because of the high quality source of ingredients, excellent manufacturing
processes and excellent coating/delivery system.
Ingredients and amounts are clearly labelled
Some supplements don’t show the amounts of each product on the label.
The seller or the manufacturer will try and “hide” them and indicated that product
is made from a “Proprietary formula”; so you have no idea how much of the active
ingredients there. This is a common technique used to misled consumers.
Be an informed consumers. HSA only recommends certain basic product labeling
but its not a must.

Manufacturing country
Look for the country where the product is made period. It’s often a good
consumer confidence indicator.
Over promised functions
This is the most commonly used marketing tactic. ‘Multi Action Formula’
They promised that the product can
1. Increase Metabolism
2. Decrease Appetite
3. Reduce Water retention
4. Blocks Fat
5. Blocks Carbohydrates
6. Blocks Sugar
7. Burns Fat
8. Burns Belly fat, thighs fat etc

I can go on more and more

if that is the case, you are going to swallow a tablet/capsule the size of an apple that will probably choke you. The marketing team is assign to write this, to make the products more sensationalised so you will buy it.  They probably google each and every ingredients then market the best benefit even if there is like 0.1 mg of the ingredient in the product.
Seriously, for the ingredient to be effective, it must be be of a certain quantity. Vitamins are regulated as in they have their RDA (recommended daily allowance). Supplements especially slimming supplements are not as well regulated.

A lot of customers are not sure which slimming supplements suits them the best as there are so many different functions out there.

I hope you find the above information helpful when you are considering making your first or next slimming supplement purchase.
Love to hear your thoughts too, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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