The Magic to eat anything you want!

5 controversial tricks to allow you to eat anything you want and still lose weight

How do you know if you are eating the “right” portion size.
Your tummy and gut will tell you so.
If you are putting on weight around your tummy, your portion size
If you feel so full that your gut is going to burst, your portion size
Shrink the portion, your tummy and gut will shrink too.
It is not your fault that that you couldn’t figure out the right portion
size. Blame the restaurants and eateries for portion distortion.
Fast food restaurant staff are train to entice you to upsize your
meal. Restaurants gives such big portion of “cheap” side dishes, to
make you feel that it is value for money.
To make matters worse, we are taught not to waste food and since we already paid for the meal (eating out
aren’t cheap these days) so we must finished it.
So what is the right portion size?
Don’t worry I am not going to ask you to bring a measuring cup out or a weighting scale.

1. Eat don’t drink your calories
Ask yourself this question. Would you rather eat a piece of chocolate cake than drinking a
chocolate milk shake?
I eat that chocolate cake…why? at least, I get to chew and it’s more satisfying
I will also give up those fancy colourful fizzy drinks, those cheap sugars are not going to my
Instead order chinese tea/lemon tea/ green tea/ PLAIN water is the BEST to go along your
Diet soft drinks is okay too, if you like the taste

2. If I want to be thin, I have to make my friends fat fatter
Share your food “sins” with your friends.
Share the desserts, just say you are full and that you can’t finished the whole chocolate cake
or something (even though you know you can finished it easily on your own). Your friends will
find your thoughtful and sweet.

3. Be as Guniang 姑娘as possible
Give half that portion of meal; pasta to your
hubby/boyfriend/best friend.
Tell them they are too skinny, or they look
hungry or the food taste so good, they
should try it too.
Find an excuse, but NEVER tell them that you
are on a DIET

4 and 5. Be an “Attas” social
butterfly (There’s 2 parts to this)
Seriously, nobody bother as to how
much you are eating. Engage in conversation more. Not only will you eat slower, you will
eat lesser too.
Okay this is trick is a little controversial, but it do works. If you want to eat sinful, eat
the BEST sinful food.

For instance, if you want to eat popcorn. Go for the branded popcorn rather than the cinema
popcorn. Cinema popcorn portion is large, cheap and don’t taste so good. Branded popcorn is
lesser in portion, more expensive but taste good.
Another instance, Beer or Wine, go for Wine! The volume in wine glass is way lesser than those
of a beer mug. Plus wine has reversterol (anti-oxidant) good for your complexion.
Try it. Practice it. Embrace the tricks and you will be slim for life!

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