8 Hour Diet

8 Hour Diet

Do you remember the frustrating ordeal of being hungry and exercising you did to lose weight? When it is finally over, the weight came back on. Fortunately, you can get lose 5-10Kg within a month with our combination of effective and 100%
natural supplements and diet plan to keep the weight off.

8 hour diet

The “8 hour diet”, the latest new diet trend to hit USA. It is written by David Zinczenko. Who is he? He is the author of the Abs diet for both man and women, so the guy knows how to get that flat tummy and 6 abs. What if you can eat ANYTHING and still lose weight and flatten your tummy. The “8 Hour Diet” is the most effective and easiest lifestyle plan. It is the #1 most popular diet plan in America 2013!

The “8 Hour Diet” in a nutshell

▪You eat for 8 hours a day. In those 8 hours, you can eat ANYTHING. (TIP) Take SucoSlim, OxyPlus or Raspberry Ketone Plus+ to boost your body fat burning to the Max!

The schedule can be 9am to 5pm or 11am to 7pm. It’s flexible.

▪During the 16 hours fasting, you can drink preferably plain water and tea.

▪Do it for minimum of 3 days a week (slower weight loss), or 7 days a week (fast weight loss)

During those 16 hours, your body burns off all the sugar (glycogen) stored in your liver. What it means is that when you start your day, your body becomes the Ultimate Fat burning machine. Through simple change in your eating timing, together with more walking and the supplements, you can reach your ideal weight in no time.

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